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Real-Time Direct-To-DVD Recording

DVD Austin, Inc. introduces DVD Direct(TM), a real-time direct-to-DVD recording technology for the Windows platform. DVD Direct works in conjunction with existing hardware based mpeg-2 encoders, providing on-the-fly multiplexing of elementary DVD streams, straight from your video source (live, tape, or existing files) and transfers them to your DVD+RW or DVD-R/RW drives in a DVD-compliant format, all in real time. Simply put, straight from your video source to DVD without waiting. Your finished disc will play in DVD equipped PCs and most stand-alone DVD players.

•No authoring required
•On-the-fly multiplexing
•Real-time recording
•Broad hardware support
•Create pre-defined menus
•Auto-generated chapter points (user-defined intervals)
•Faster-than-realtime using existing source files
**this feature requires DVD+RW drives